Saint-Gobain Seals
Spring Energized Seals (SES)



OmniSeal® SES Seals

OmniSeal® are high-performance spring-energized polymer seals capable of handling extreme service conditions.  They are used where ultra-low friction, chemical compatibility and extreme temperature is required.


Originally developed to meet severe conditions encountered in turbine engines, rockets and missiles, and later to serve the most challenging oil and gas applications.  Today, OmniSeal® spring-energized seal products are accepted for use in a wide range of applications.


OmniSeal® products are designed to fit in all standard hardware glands such as MIL-G-5514, AS4716, Industrial, Metric, JIS, and custom gland sizes.  OmniSeal® products are available from 1.00mm (0.040 inch) up to 1500mm (60 inch) and beyond.


Typical Applications

  • Aero Engines and APU
  • Primary and Secondary Flight Controls
  • Fuel Control Systems
  • Medical and Laboratory Instrumentations
  • Semiconductor Processing Equipment
  • Pumps, Valves and Compressors
  • Oilfield Equipment
  • Automotive and Motorsport
  • Food Processing Equipment



Features and Benefits

  • Temperature: -268°C (-450°F) to +316°C (+600°F)
  • Pressure: Vacuum up to 3448 bar (50,000 psi)
  • Low and controlled friction
  • Broad chemical resistance



Product Solutions

OmniSeal 103A

OmniSeal® 103A
  • Static and moderate speed dynamic sealing

  • Moderate to high spring load

  • Good for low temperature and gases

OmniSeal 400A

OmniSeal® 400A

  • Dynamic applications
  • Low spring load with good resilence
  • Good for high temperature and high pressure

OmniSeal APS

OmniSeal® APS

  • Dynamic applications
  • APS spring provides constant extremely light load and excellent resilence
  • Excellent for low friction applications

OmniSeal RP II

OmniSeal® RP II

  • Static or dynamic applications
  • RP II spring offers the highest deflection

OmniSeal Raco

OmniSeal® RacoTM  

  • Static or slow angular movement
  • Heavy duty, high load spring with continuous contact along the entire sealing lip
  • Excellent for cryogenic temperatures and gases